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537453085_Inactive (SuperAdmin) 6/16/2008 3:50 AM EST : Guild Story

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Derketo's Embrace was conceived by Mistress Clys as a Sisterhood, a sanctuary where women of all kinds could join together to live, love, work and worship the Goddess Derketo.

After her brief time of enslavement, Clys was convinced that a place like this was needed, a place where women who found themselves alone in a harsh world could find safety and a place to belong, and she felt the call of the Goddess upon her to create it. Clys spent some time acting as Mistress of Novices for Madame Siti, at the Moonlight Whispers villa. During that time, she gathered a few women who felt the call as well, and located a house in which they could live.

Thus Derketo's Embrace was founded.

The house is a former Inn that has been renovated. Upstairs are many bedrooms, which allows each Sister to have her own private room. Downstairs are the common rooms, such as kitchen, living room, dining room, etc. The Sisters live together in this house, coming and going as they choose.

Each Sister earns her own living in whatever way she desires. A few work in the pleasure trade, as courtesans or dancers or entertainers of some kind. Others are soldiers and mercenaries. Still others are hunters or cooks. Some work as armorsmiths or tailors. There is no limit to the type of profession a Sister can follow. They work together, donating to the guild as much as their conscience dictates.

Although many outside the Sisterhood see them as nothing more than a band of whores, in fact they are a religious group, dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Derketo, whom they see as the Mother Goddess, from whom all things spring forth. Priestess Shaya acts as their High Priestess, guiding and directing and leading the Sisters in their lives, and in their worship.

Characters: Clys

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